Groomed for success from the beginning. 


Created in 2015, Champagne Grooming was made with the modern gentleman in mind. The desire for an opulent, classic, and luxurious look was evident, as was the absence of products to attain it.

Jeffrey Francisco started styling and cutting his own hair at the young age of 12. Throughout high school, he even took to cutting his friends hair at his own home. He finally made the decision after a year at college to follow his oldest and truest passion: men’s grooming.

Now a professionally trained and licensed cosmetologist and barber, Jeffrey noticed a high number of misinformed clients buying generic products, and constantly asking for his advice. Generally, barbers provide a service, but that service ends with a haircut. Jeffrey believed otherwise. However, not having a product he believed in enough to recommend, Jeffrey created Champagne Grooming. 

Champagne Grooming products provide men with the ability to revolutionize their hair, style, and confidence. Champagne Grooming; Refining the modern gentleman.

Jeffrey Francisco